Seven Things to do before sleeping

Having a daily routine at night affects the health of your day the next day, the researchers note in psychology.
According to Business Insider, studies have shown that recent mental activities before falling asleep do have a big impact on your new activity and energy.

Here are seven things that are recommended by psychiatrist Jonathan Albert, you can do to ensure a successful tomorrow:

  1. Termination of work:
    Make sure that you have already finished your work, rather than let him spend the evening with you, and that you should learn when you stop checking emails and answering phone calls unless necessary.
  2. Plan for tomorrow:
    It is advisable to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want to do the next day without thinking about it, just recording an agenda. And follow the advice of Albert Einstein, who once said: “Paper in order to write things we need to remember, but our mind is used to think.”

3 – forgiveness:
By letting go of day-to-day grudges and conflicts, you’re freeing your mind from stress and fatigue even if you’re thinking of worrying things, but getting rid of them gives you a better chance the next day.

4 – Create time for friends and family:
Use your time at night to communicate directly with people who care about you and enjoy spending time with you, like your family and friends. These relationships need to be nurtured, and doing so during the week will help you create balance. It is also a good way to take your mind out of business thinking.

5 – Stay away from the atmosphere of the virtual world:
It may seem sudden, but you have to break away from the virtual world and technology before bedtime, for example an hour, avoid movies and loud music, and create a calm atmosphere for relaxation.

6 – Think positively:
Many people feel stress and anxiety at night, thinking about all the things they did not do in their day, and what to do the next day, to avoid the negative effects of that storm, you have to do a short exercise, select yourself 3 positive things you have done today.

7 – Understanding the priority of sleep:
Understanding the importance of getting enough sleep, and how many hours the body needs to get the energy it needs, reinforces the youth of reason

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