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Dwayne Johnson is famous for the Rock Ball “is an American wrestler and actor, the most successful and continuing, the highest paid actor in” Hollywood “after he was a failed football player

Johnson’s love for wrestling was due to his being a professional wrestling family and his father and grandfather were also wrestlers

Dwayne Johnson’s life was never as easy and charming as it may seem now, so that money has been a big problem in his life

Dwayne’s father was a professional wrestler, but that did not bring enough money, so problems escalated to the extent that the family was destroyed and his mother tried to commit suicide.

In order not to face the same physical problems again, he decided to professionalism of the sport he knew well, wrestling. Trained hard, overcome the struggles of depression, and faced the mockery of the masses in every game. He continued to become famous in the world of wrestling and achieved eight titles made him a legend

Here are some quotes of Dwayne Johnson

– With motivation and a little talent you can move mountains

– Do not need instructions, just orient yourself towards the top and move

Do not be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops, as do your dreams

– Every success begins with self-discipline, starts with you

Blood, race and respect. The first two give them, the last one you get

– In 1995, I had $ 7 in my pocket, and I knew two things: I was too bankrupt, and one day I would not be

Success in anything is always about two things: focus and effort, and we control both

– If there is something between you and your success, move it

– I love using hard times in the past to motivate me today

– Success does not come overnight. Every day we are a little better than the day before, and continue

– work hard. Shine hard

Success is not always about greatness, but about integrity and continuity. Hard and straight work leads to success, and greatness comes on its ow

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