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Ten unexpected qualities that show you are Smart

If you accept the fact that you do not know everything
You may think that cajoling and claiming to know and understand everything is good and demonstrates your intelligence. But this is not true. People who have the courage to criticize themselves, to recognize their inability to know everything, and to constantly learn to learn are the most intelligent. So do not be shy about recognizing your ignorance of some things, and keep on trying to learn and expand your culture.

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If you are curious
A study published in the Journal of Individual Differences showed that people who scored higher on intelligence tests were more open-minded and open to new ideas when they became adults. This means curiosity and intelligence are inseparable. Smart people like to know more about everything, and they are looking for answers to the big and deep questions in life.

If you are in tune with others
If you are able to anticipate what others want to say, or you can perceive their feelings, and feel empathy with them, these are signs of your emotional intelligence. People who understand other people’s feelings and stay in touch with them tend to get to know new people and discover new things, all of which help make you smarter.

If you are able to adjust yourself
People who are able to control their emotions, who avoid hasty and reckless decisions, take the time to study the options available and make the right decision are usually smarter than others.

Unexpected qualities indicate that you are intelligent

If you are open to the opinions of others
Smart people tend to see things from the perspective of others, not just from their point of view. They shall have their opinions after careful consideration of all viewpoints rather than rushing to pass judgment. They are also open to new ideas and principles. But that does not mean they are naive or can be easily pushed back. On the contrary, open and intelligent people are confident of their decisions and can not be manipulated.

If you love chocolates
Yes, that’s absolutely true. It has been shown that eating chocolate helps to improve mental functions such as memory and attention and the speed of processing ideas, thanks to a substance found in cocoa called flavanols.

If you procrastinate in doing things
You may be surprised by this quality, but it turns out that smart people tend to postpone things until the last minute. The explanation lies in the fact that smart people take their time to study things rather than rush them, spend more time on important things, and postpone marginal and secondary duties, but without wasting time.

If you do not tolerate the uproar
Kafka, Darwin, Chekhov and other intelligent people of the world, could not tolerate the uproar, preferring to work in silent silence. You may think smart people are able to ignore the world around them and ignore the annoying noise and sounds, but the opposite seems to be the case.

If you can combine two seemingly separate things
If you are able to quickly connect events and separate things and have clear patterns and patterns, you are probably smarter than others. It is true that everyone is finally able to do this, but your speed in building models, drawing patterns and reaching meaning is what distinguishes them from them.

If you are not complaining about the unit
According to the British Journal of Psychology, being satisfied and not feeling bored about being alone is a sign of intelligence. But if you’re talking to yourself loud too, this is another sign that may indicate your genius. Repeating things and talking to yourself loud helps to better entrench information in your brain, and it does not mean you’re going crazy, probably

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