Quotes Of Haruki Murakami that will help you deal with life

His deep fictional work, characterized by surrealism and animosity, has become one of the bestsellers in the world

While most writers dream of becoming famous writers from a young age, Murakami did not even know he had the skill. After studying drama, he opened a jazz cafe, and writing was the last thing he had in mind.

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One day, while watching a baseball game, he got the sudden inspiration to write “Hear the Wind Sing” – a 200-page novel that he sent to the new book competition and won the first prize.

Murakami was never a fan of Japanese literature, although his parents taught him. The fact that he was so influenced by Western culture that the Japanese people did not accept him well, but that did not change his style of writing.

In 2006, Murakami was presented to the International Literary Prize, the Franz Kafka Prize, and today he is considered one of the greatest novelists in the world.

Here are 14 quotes from Haruki Murakami that will help you deal with life.

Spend your money on things you can buy with money, and spend your time on things that money does not buy for you

No matter how strong or violent the winds are, or even the breeze, in the end every air will fade and dissipate

Dealing with trivia is very serious, a real waste of time

We can not simply lie here and look at our wounds forever. We must stand and look for the next step and complete our lives.
The focus on what we do well is better than focusing on what we can not do

The most important thing we learn at school is that the most important things can not be learned in school

Lack of reading makes life difficult

I do not rush to read like I’m in a race, but I reread the parts that I think are the most important to understand

Some people do not like to be free … If they are really free, they will be in real trouble

I’m not that very bad person.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional

If you read books that only others read, you will think about what others are thinking

With every new dawn the world is not the same, and you are not the same person

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