Will Smith

I fail early, I fail a lot, I fail and progress.
It is always frustrating for me when people have a negative relationship to failure. Failure is a large part of the ability to succeed. You have to feel comfortable with failure. You have to look for failure, and failure is all the lessons.

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When you go to the sports club and do the training, you actually try to fail, and you want to take your muscles to the point where they reach failure, because this is the point of adjustment, and that is where the growth begins. Successful people fail so much, fail far more than they do, but draw lessons from failure, use energy, and use wisdom to join the next phase of success.

You must experience and live on the edge of your abilities. You must live as it is almost certain that you will fail. That is why training.
Training is the control of failure, where you reach your maximum abilities.
You can not live it until you reach the point where your body gets used to doing.

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