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Jack is a Chinese businessman and billionaire “owner of the Alibaba website”. Jack Ma started his career as a simple English teacher and became a giant in the world of technology and the richest man in China

Here’s an excerpt from his speech: Change yourself

“I have faced a lot of failure. It failed to funny things, failed to pass the test in elementary school twice, I failed three times in the middle stage, three years failed to attend university

then, applied for the employment of thirty times, and refused, I went to the police, and said: “No you are not well”

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We were 5 people, the 4 of us accepted, I was the only one who refused … for me the rejection, the rejection

by the way, I told you that I applied for a job at KFC restaurant, when opened in China, in our city … Harvard University enrollment, ten times, was rejected. I knew I would refuse, I just wanted to try and

think we should get used to it. We are not so good. Even today we still have a lot of people rejecting us. I do not think there are many people who refuse more than thirty times. It’s important not to give up

We continue to fight, we continue to change ourselves, we do not complain, whether we succeed or fail.

I notice that when some people finish working

whether people make mistakes or fail, they begin to complain about others, they will never try again

if the person examines himself. Wrong, and that’s a mistake

this person has the hope

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