Breaking rules may be the key to success

To say that Joan Rowling had a hard life before she became a celebrity is little in her right. But they have proved that breaking rules may be the key to success.

The single mother was living on government aid when Harry Potter wrote and became a millionaire, but the road to success was very difficult.

“I was unemployed, single and poor, and registered my name for social service benefits,” she said in her 2008 speech at Harvard University.

Rolling is now 53 years old and has learned a lot in her complex journey.
“I do not have 10 rules to ensure success, although I promise you to share it if I have one,” she says on her personal website. “I have to say that I can not afford the lists of what to do, whether in life or in writing. There is a rebellious side in me when I am told what to do before I am 50 or I have to write if I want to be successful. “

Breaking rules may be the key to success

Sometimes it’s about creating your own path and risk. “The truth is that I found success by stumbling on my own in the direction most people thought was deadlocked, breaking all the traditions of writing children’s stories in the 1990s,” she writes, “including the curse of boarding schools, or that children’s books should not exceed 45, 000 words. “

You should ignore the “must do” lists, as you recommend, and focus more on “you probably will not get much” and this requires qualities such as discipline, flexibility, humility and independence.

“Fear of failure is the saddest cause on earth, which prevents you from doing what you want to do,” she says. “Finally I found the courage to start my first book to agents and publishers at a time when I felt a clear failure. Only then did I decide that I would try this one thing that I thought I could do, and if it did not work, I would experience worse and I could survive.

She says the important thing is never giving up. She even put the first message rejected on her kitchen wall to motivate her.

To overcome fear of failure, get rid of the idea that everything will be perfect. “In writing as in life, your job is to do the best you can, and to learn as much as you can. “

Ask yourself one question, do not you prefer to be the person who has already finished the project you are dreaming of, or the person who always talks about wanting to do something without working to achieve it

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